Architecture is for people.
It promotes happiness and enriches the way
life is experienced.

The task of creating places where this specialness
can occur is our reason for being.



Ramer Architecture is focused on designing community-cognizant, sustainable projects that embody well-being, progress and beauty. We believe insight and ingenuity allow us to empower design for envisioning better concepts for architecture and interiors. Specializing in healthcare and wellness facilities, we work with our clients to incorporate specific design principles and structural solutions that generate peace, quiet, optimism, and a place of gathering within and around spaces. These same principles of innovative and thoughtful design are applied to all we undertake. We design settings for people conceived and realized by the intentional processes and expert work of our design team.



As a team of seasoned architects, engineers and interior design specialists, we are a firm dedicated to a collective vision of innovative and empathetic design.

For 30 years, we have been discovering and meeting the needs, functions, budgets and desires of our clients while remaining involved throughout all phases of the project, collaboratively customizing design and offering recommendations to meet those needs. Design, technical expertise and construction documentation are equally held in high esteem ensuring all aspects of construction management are of the highest caliber. Fully committed to sustainability, we were granted the Sustainable Quality Award for Excellence in Stewardship of the Natural Environment and Social Responsibility from the City of Santa Monica, CA. We combine technical and technological competence, professional and life experiences, and social and psychological awareness to create distinctive spaces that engage the senses, integrate with the environment and embrace human needs.


Richard Ramer

Founder and principal Richard Ramer graduated from UC Berkeley, cum laude, with a degree in architecture and studied at Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC). His individual practice is rooted in a lifelong philosophy of bettering human experience through thoughtful design that embraces the environment. This commitment was further honed while working for Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles and studying with architect, humanitarian and founder of the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, Nader Khalili. Richard has been chairperson of the Los Angeles AIA Committee on Healthcare and headed the design and oversaw construction for a clinic in Borneo, part of Health in Harmony, a non-profit dedicated to human health and environmental conservation. He is licensed to practice in California, Oregon, Texas and Arizona.



    American Institute of Architects
    F.E.M.A. Post-earthquake Safety Evaluation Certified Inspector
    Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service Training Certified Mediator
    LEED Accredited
    National Fire Protection Association
    NCARB Certified
    Urban Land Institute